5 ways to bring nature indoors without plants

Not a plant Lover? No problems. We catered a list of ways you can bring nature into your home without the use of plants, boosting both your mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, there have been studies indication that those who were suffering from mood disorders achieved a significant uplift when exposed to nature.

During the last year (and onto this year) we were stuck inside with limited exposure to nature. While many discovered gardening and filled their flats with beautiful flowers, tasty herbs and aesthetically pleasing flora, those of us who are not blessed with the green thumb, where not so lucky.

That is exactly why we wrote this guide on how to bring nature indoors without the use of those mysterious green creatures that keep dying on us.

  1. Use natural textures, prints and shapes for flooring.

While wood paneling is a great solution for floors, there are many different options out there, some of our favourites are these hexagonal tiles from the National Trust’s Wood Glade collection.  

Honey Comb Tiles by the National trust, Wood glade collection. Natural tiles, green tiles, unique design.

2. Incorporate a natural colour palette in to your décor.

 Get a photo of nature you love, whether it is a photo of woods, the ocean, or a beautiful sunset, and use those colours as a springboard for unlimited design ideas: it as your inspiration and find similar colours to paint your walls, selecting wallpapers, or your furnishings. Some of our favourite natural colours from Little Greene.

Natural Colour Palette using Little Greene's paints

3. Frame Floral fabrics.

 A budget conscious way for adding pops of colour and natural elements to your home is by framing your favourite floral fabrics.

We love this beautiful assortment used at our project in Wynnman Place.

Floral fabric wallpannel, natural walls, bring nature into your home, green wall. unique bedroom design

4. Utilise natural materials and rough textures in your furnishings.

A large strapping wood log as a table, a rough slab of stone as a sink, or even a moss bathmat. These subtle (or not so subtle) natural elements are the perfect way of incorporating the great outdoors without over doing it.

Natural stone sink. Black sink. Wood Sink. Chrome bathroom fixtures. Chrome tap. Natural bathroom.

5. Maximise natural light:

Even if you don’t get enough direct sunlight into your rooms, there are a few things you can do to maximise natural light, and create brighter living spaces:

  • Kill two birds with one stone by maximising your use of mirrors: not only do mirrors reflect direct and refracted light, they also make rooms feel bigger than they are.
  • Colour theory 101: Use light colours for your floors and walls, to refract and reflect as much light as possible. Dark colours minimise while lighter colours maximise.
  • Time to Marie Kondo your space. Clutter absorbs and steal a lot of light.  reduce needless objects to allow light to move freely.

Mirrors bring natural light to life using Giolo by Porada – Collection available to clients

Organic mirror. Organic design. Natural Design.

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