Chalet Chic

There is no better season to discuss one of the coziest styles in interior design. If you love fur, a bit of natural wood and snuggling up by the fire, then this one might be for you.

An Image of classic chalet chic style living room, with a central stone fireplace, a crème sofa, and a faux fur carpet

What is Chalet Chic?

As the months get colder it’s important to come home to a space that brings joy, warmth and comfort. Chalet chic is the perfect combination of celebrating the outside in a space that is still luxurious and homely using heavy blankets and natural tones. This style can be best characterized by creating the atmosphere of living in the snowy mountains.

A faux fur / lamb wool sofa with a stone fireplace and a rusty wooden cabinet

Image credit: RH

01. Fur Fur Fur

One great way to make a space more welcoming is using faux fur. Adding fur pieces not only creates texture in an interior but it makes your room feel rich and cosy. While it is possible to go overboard, we recommend you use fur in a big piece such as a huge throw or rug etc. It’s winter, if there is an excuse to go big it’s now.

Underneath are four of my current favourites when it comes to fur pieces.

02. Natural Wood

One of the central features in a chalet chic interior is wood. After all, it’s what chalets are known for. That being said, maybe stay away from the orange wood that typically aligns the whole interior. If you don’t want the whole interior to be wood, you can use it sparingly to highlight key features or along one wall or ceiling. Small uses of wood add beautiful warm tones to an interior and create the perfect blend of the natural and the man-made.

Natural Wood covering the walls and the floors in the hallway leading to a free standing bath in front of a huge French window

Design: Yvonne Jacobs, Kim Toms & Tessa Hyatt

Underneath are some examples of wood accents that can be added as an alternative to bigger wooden transformations.

Chalet Style Stone Fireplace

Image Credit: Unknown

03. Fireplaces

Is there anything better than cozying up by the fire on a cold winter’s day? Fireplaces provide a great focal point for any room. Not every home has a chimney but you can attain an alternative fireplace, whether this be an eco-friendly, ethanol or water vapor substitute. No one should have to miss the comfort of a flaming fire because they don’t have the luxury of a chimney.

Here are some of my favourite fireplaces including those that function without a chimney. Feel the fire!

04. Light Seating

A great way to offset the richness of the wood is with light-coloured seating and fabrics on items such as sofas and pillows. By doing so you will allow the space to feel fresh and modern. I highly recommend a neutral-coloured fabric sofa as a perfect complement to a chalet chic interior. They are also incredibly comfy, which always helps. 

Below are four sofa options that vary in price range, money should never be a deciding factor.

Chalet Style Neutral Living Room

Design: Marianne Telgen

05. Neutral Palette

I suggest opting for a neutral palette when trying to encapsulate a chalet chic interior. You don’t want the space to feel too dark– a lighter colour scheme will offset the wood and darkness from those winter months. Neutral tones will also highlight features like your fur textures, fireplace, and even your Christmas tree. You could also introduce textures such as stone to make your interior have an added interest and pop.

Here are some amazing examples from our favourite suppliers.

If we haven’t already sold you on chalet chic, then I recommend starting in small steps. Treat yourself to a fur rug, create some wood accents or maybe swap out your old sofa for some lighter seating. That being said, if you are ever struggling, please contact us. We are happy to help you with your winter wonderland needs.


All the best,

Santa’s favourite interior designer.