Design Trends of 2020

In the world of interiors, the wheel of trends turns slowly, with some trends lasting years before a new one comes along. This being said, the year 2021 is going to see some new styles grace our homes.  

Here is a list of some in’s and definite out’s for 2021

In: furniture with rounded edges

The 80s are having a big comeback right now, and while most of the trends from that era are hard to swallow, the tubular forms we’re seeing in furniture harken back to that time. They can be really fun and modern if done tastefully. 

In: terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo is not just for the airport floor anymore! Invented in Venice when workers took leftover odd-shaped marble pieces and used them for flooring, the colours and shapes and combinations for this flooring have become endless. Leave it to the Venetians to transform boring concrete into works of art.

Out: all-white kitchen

Although we’re seeing less and less of the sterile white kitchen, I think the coming year will put the final nail in the coffin. While great if you are performing a quick appendectomy, they’re far less exciting. Clients are moving towards more personality and colour in their homes. Perhaps I tossed out those 1970s avocado appliances a bit too quickly.

In: biophilic design

In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, we often forget about our primitive roots that are connected with earth and the benefits that nature has on our overall psyche. We believe that increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly through biophilic design has health benefits as well as environmental and economic advantages. Adding a living wall or a low-maintenance bio montage wall to a little corner of your home makes your space beautiful while improving mental health and the overall ecosystem. It’s simpler than you think and the benefits are plentiful!

Out: grey on grey

So much of the late 2010s was saturated in varying hues of grey but lately we’re seeing a demand for warmer toned palettes. This means we’re going to start witnessing a lot more rich accent colours being used, such as earth tones, warm honey against blush and dark painted doors and we’re banishing off white on white.